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Specialists in Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities and Autism



It can happen to any one of us, at any time, and without warning. An unexpected accident or a disabling illness. For either, we are suddenly thrown into a world of uncertainty, with little knowledge of what to do or how to get out.

JMNC can help reduce the uncertainty through our industry respected Case Management service. The common goal of our Case Management service is to empower the individual to maximise their potential for leading a productive and fulfilling life. We believe the foundation for this is a person-centred, collaborative and thorough assessment process. We work with families, Healthcare professionals and most importantly, the individual, to assess both need and strengths. 

Our comprehensive assessment process means we really get to know you as a person and can develop individualised goals which are important to you. As a result, tailored support teams are built, suitable services and resources are identified. Once a support service is established, ongoing guidance and support are provided; Continuing support and refining of individual goals are a core part of the Case Management process, resulting in achieving goals. 

A disability is costly. Measured in terms of a disrupted life, lost productivity, and medical expenses, effective case management changes this. By reducing the impact of the injury, we reduce costs. 

What separates our expert Case Management service team from others is the fact that we do it right the first time. Knowledge, dedication, commitment, reputation and ethics all combine to help the injured and disabled individual return to a productive lifestyle. 

Our case management service is known and respected in the industry for our quality, expertise and results-oriented approach to case management. Our presence is not only welcomed by medical professionals but often sought out to build a team dedicated to recovery. We get results.

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