Information for employers and placement providers

Here at Journal Matcher we know the benefits that student placements can bring to an organisation. We specialise in creating work placements for the academic sector with employers such as yourself.

How does it work?

We understand that you run a busy workplace, so we will tailor our service around you. We match the possible student to meet your service demand. We create placements that are relevant for the students but also beneficial to your organisation. Even if you do not have a placement in mind, there may be projects you have been wanting to do but never had time or resources for – we can create a work placement with this in mind.

Try out this excting oppurtunity and let us provide your organistation with talanted students. You will not be dissapointed.

Why should an employer offer student placements through Journal Matcher?

✓  Low cost solution – reduce your recruitment costs by working with us and allow us to create student placements you can renew annually.

✓  Fill a skills gap or vacancy – solve your short term staff shortages and complete specific one-off specialist projects without long term commitments.

✓  High quality students – add value to your organisation, by accessing high quality, reflective and analytical thinkers, who are motivated and willing to get involved.

✓  Inject fresh ideas – complement your existing organisational skills with new ideas, knowledge and up to date theoretical concepts.

✓  Opportunity to develop current staff – your current staff can develop their mentoring or supervisory skills by working with our placement students.

✓  Future employee – identify talented individuals who you may want to consider recruiting following their graduation.

Using our Journal Matcher model –we create placement(s) within your organisation that ACTUALLY benefit you.

Placements can last up to 1 year, and for continuation we can supply you with another student as soon as the previous one finishes.

Journal Matcher does the whole recruitment process and cover ALL costs – including DBS checks.

We offer specialised supervision and act as your link to the University.

We offer troubleshooting and on call support throughout the placement.

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