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Here at Journal Matcher we believe that work placements are a vital part of any university degree. We use a unique and creative approach in setting up placements for your students. 

Irrespective if you offer placements as part of your degree or not – we can help. In fact, we have created a placement model that can be easily incorporated into your specific degree. We will support you in attaching the placement to your course curriculum.

We have proven success rates with various courses within a wide range of degrees and since setting up placements through us the number of student applications to the universities has increased. Whether you offer placements as part of your degree or you are interested in creating placements as part of what you offer – contact us, we guarantee to deliver.

What do we offer as placement provider?

Flexibility: our placement lengths vary from 6 to 52 weeks depending on need.

Management: Management of the whole recruitment process – DBS, reference processing, interviews, etc. 

Knowledge: Specialist knowledge in securing and creating clinically relevant placements.

Personalised: Using our placement screening process, we tailor placements to meet students skills, needs and aspirations. 

ReassuranceYou will get placement security, as many as you need each academic year.


Placement Link: We act as the link between the student, University and placement provider. This includes management of troubleshooting; sickness, emergency supervision, guidance, etc.

Support: All students will have regular communication to ensure they are getting the ideal placement experience. 

SupervisionIn addition to academic supervision from University, all placements will have relevant clinical supervision. 

We also provide placement matching for degrees that already offer placements. We will supply you with the number of placements you require and if needed we also offer relevant supervision for these students. We will cover the whole hiring process – all you need to supply is the number of placements you require.

Due to our unique and tested way of working we guarantee to have better rates than all our competitors. We also guarantee 100% to find your students ideal placements and supply your degree with the number of placements you require.

You tell us the number of placements you need, we do the rest.

We found that by offering placement opportunities as part of the degree student applications increased by up to 40%.

Using our Journal Matcher model - we create a placement module within a degree that does not offer placements.

Let us provide you with placements for your already established placement degree.

Contact us for advice on placement issues and how these can be creatively solved.

We also offer specialised supervision in case the current placements you use do not offer it.

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