Sharon White

We are very excited here at Journal Matcher to collaborate with International artist Sharon White. Sharon and Journal Matcher have created very popular and therapeutic workshops. The underpinning of these workshops is that it is about you creating a way to express yourself through your own unique style. You do not have to be good at art! It is about the process, often working with the unconscious and developing ways to work through difficult issues through the use of visual and / or verbal processing with Sharon. The main focus is to promote purposeful creative activities that improve self-esteem and general wellbeing . 

Sharon uses a psychoeducational approach combining therapy and teaching to her work. Sharon’s approach uses art as the primary source of communication. The medium of art can provide a safe space to enable an individual to work through personal issues that may be too difficult to put into words. The role of Sharon is to accompany the individual to find a way to work through what is being communicated.

One major focus of is to explore the non-verbal communication and the creative process. Part of what Sharon does is to provide a trusting & safe environment with the aim of enabling individuals to express their emotions & work through personal difficulties. Due to the psychoeducational approach, it entails psychological work, thus can be used to explore and reflect on the imagery within the Therapeutic Relationship.

Sharon believes that it is not about creating a masterpiece - It is about the individual process, the opportunity to play, explore and experiment with the art materials, with the aim of developing a sense of:  

  • Empowerment

  • Mastery 

  • Autonomy

  • Insight / self-awareness

  • Confidence

  • Hope

  • Independence

  • To build a trusting alliance within the Therapeutic Relationship.

Sharon argues the following benefits for clients she works with:

  • A picture is often a more precise description of feelings than words and can be used to depict experiences.

  • The process of doing art can sometimes help individuals to become more aware of feelings that may have become lost.

  • A space to share difficult or painful feelings without being judged

  • For individuals to be able to find a voice through visual and verbal dialogue.

  • Discussion & reflection of the art work can lead to explorations of important issues. 


Everyone is unique; therefore, it is important to work with what the individual brings into the session. The role of Sharon is to support and guide the individual in being able to express and work through personal issues and to find a sense of meaning. 

Sharon provides a safe space to work through personal issues that are hard to either verbally express or have become lost or too painful to manage, therefore can become internally suppressed. Sharon’s approach can therefore act as a bridge to externalise this through the use of art materials and within the containment of the Therapeutic Relationship. Contact us to find out more.


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